How does this service work?

By taking advantage of our low cost monthly managed support package(s), you gain access to our preferred remote support, and our discounted on-site support.?? While most support events can be resolved quickly and easily via our remote agent, our team is also available to provide on-site support when necessary.

What is Advantage Serve Remote Agent?

Advantage Serve Remote Agent is a small proprietary plug-in that we install on your computer. This agent allows our technical support team to remotely monitor, manage, update, and provide professional support to your home or office.

How much does Advantage serve Remote Agent cost?

Our standard Remote Management fees are $9.99 per month for each computer covered, and $29.99 for each server.?? This includes, Monitoring, Tracking, Alerts, Reporting, and provides access to our low cost remote support ($20.00 per hour), and our discounted on-site support ($40.00 per hour).?? We also provide managed Anti-Virus for $2.99 per month for each computer, and scalable online backup costs at $.99 per month per gigabyte.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs or fees. Aside from your monthly service costs, you only pay for the hourly remote or on-site services that you request.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not, our services are provided on a month to month basis and may be started or canceled at any time.

What are my setup costs?

There are no setup costs for existing systems. New computer and server installations will be charged at our discounted hourly rates.

How do I adjust my account or cancel my account?

By calling our main line 702-900-1399, or sending an email to support@advantageserve.com with details of your requested changes.

Is Advantage Serve remote Agent secure?

The agent uses the industry standard HTTPS protocol to insure all communications between your site and our servers is secure.

Will Advantage Serve Remote Agent work on Macintosh computers?

Advantage Serve Remote Agent is designed to run on windows, linux, and mac (OS X) Operating systems.

What (if any) are the minimum system requirements for Advantage Serve Remote Agent?

Advantage Serve’s remote agent has a small footprint which allows it to be installed and to efficiently run on all but the oldest of computers.